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« Paris Summer School of Social Work was an absolutely extraordinary program that increased my cultural competence and my competence in social work policy and practice in France. The enriching experiences I have lived have marked me and opened for me a world I could not have imagined.The skills and knowledge I acquired through my participation in this course will enhance my teaching and research, and will touch countless students and colleagues in the future. I highly recommend this course to any social work student, practitioner, faculty, or any person interested in social work and social welfare in France. This program is, in one word, AWESOME! « 

Elena Delavega, assistant professor, University of Memphis, Paris Summer School 2017


PSS_luxembourg« EPSS was an amazing learning experience that I cannot wait to take back and share with my friends, family, and colleagues. I not only was able to live in Paris for three weeks but was immersed in French culture and society. The structure and organization of EPSS was excellent, helping us to stay busy and experience many aspects of French social work through lectures, field visits and placements, and walking and cultural tours. » 

Taylor, class of 2016, English session

« I loved the opportunity to go in and visit the agencies, I felt that they were just the right length of time to get a good grasp on the provided services and agency mandates, while also getting to observe and take in the work being done. Everyone that met with us was wonderful and friendly and so genuinely passionate about their work and curious to hear from us!! »

Jessica, class of 2016, English session

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