Preparing for the program

Prior to the program

On-line classes

Prior to the program, participants are granted access to the on-line learning platform (LMS) as well as a Google Drive containing complementary learning resources  to help prepare for the first lectures and visits.

The subjects covered on-line are (to date):

  • Social work : from the 20th century  to the present day (focuses on French social work and is accompanied by a short survey to be complete before June 20th)
  • Social policies and institutions (provides a broader view of French society)
  • Social work professions
  • Aging
  • Prostitution
  • Gender and diversity

Placement choices

Based on experience,  areas of interests and distance, applicants can choose their placements from a variety of agencies. These are available on-line mid-June and cover most areas of social intervention in France.

French placement test

Participants receive an individual code and link to take an online French test to be completed before mid-June.

The results of the test will allow us to assess  global proficiency. There is no fail or pass level.

None the less, we can only encourage you to increase your grasp of the language by using the many free apps on-line.