Learning outcomes


« It was a great experience with a lot of integration of culture, education, history, community, and Parisian life! I’m definitely going to take what I’ve learned here back home to my future practice, and I think that the experience would be beneficial to social workers of all stages: student, new professional, old professional, and beyond!! »

Paris Summer School aims to foster intellectual curiosity and prepare participants to work within a very multicultural and international society.

Through a targeted effort to increase awareness, Paris Summer School participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and respect the cultural differences of individuals and groups
  • Develop ethics, knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Understand the history of social work and its contemporary issues
  • Evaluate social work practice intervention in France within families, groups and communities


The program is divided into multiple formats that include but are not limited to lectures, field visits, and professional placements.

  • Lectures are in-class, delivered in English by certified teachers and social workers and may include guest presenters.
  • Field visits are delivered out of class, in English or translated from French into English.
  • Professional placements are carried out in a choice of fields and topics (depending on participant’s level and placement options) in French, with an English speaker on hand.
  • Individual or group study provides time to work on presentations or assessment preparation.
  • Weekly group supervision sessions help analyze field and placement experience.

Group learning projects and/or presentations, and discussions are also an important part of the course.

Some reading will be expected before and during the program.


There is one lecture per day between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Afternoons are dedicated to meeting active professionals in their own environment or themed walking tours through Paris that bring the realities of Social Work to life in a unique way.

There is one full day of professional placement per week.

In addition, each student should expect to undertake at least 1 hour of independent study per day or take part in autonomous group study sessions.

Lectures are carried out in English.

Evenings are free for you to enjoy the great Parisian life.