Q. What happens when I APPLY?

Step 1 When you APPLY, you provide  some very basic information that helps us make sure you are eligible for the program. We look at your age, current status, fluency in English and French and motivations.

No payment is necessary at this stage.

Q. What happens after I APPLY ?

Step 2 Once the APPLICATION information has been processed on our side, we send you an admission contract.

Step 3 You have 14 days to make sure this program is right for you. Will it be interesting? Will I be homesick? How will I finance it ?

Once you have made your mind up, you  return your contract and make your 300 euro confirmation deposit by using the 3-D secure payment link we provide with the contract.

Step 4 Once we receive your signed contract and your deposit you are (almost) good to go! We will  send you an official letter of acceptance, a confirmation of your payment plan and  voilà!

Q. What does a « basic level of French » mean?

A. Most activities (lectures, tours, field trips, week-ends) take place in English but you will find yourself in French immersion during the mini-placements. That is why even if English speakers are on hand, you must at least have an end of high-school level in French.

If you don’t, you can take an accelerated course in French conversation before the program starts. Focus on getting a feel of the language. This is one case where spelling and writing skills are not really required!

Get in touch with your closest Alliance Française for advice. And don’t forget there are also many great on-line courses, for free! It would really be too bad to miss out on the fun in or out of the program! Alors au travail!

Q. Will the school organize transportation from my country to France?

A. No. Transportation from your country of origin to France is under your own responsability. Some of the major companies can offer great fares if you buy them early enough.

Q. I can’t pay the whole program fee in full up front, what should I do?

A. EPSS can offer a monthly payment plan, if you can’t pay the whole fee up front. The only thing you must pay within 14 days of receving your contract is the initial down payment of 300 euros.

As long as the balance is paid in full before May 31st, you’re good to go!

Q. When will I know if my application has been accepted?

A. We need a few days to process pre-registrations. Once that is done, you will receive a contract offer, stating terms and conditions of the Paris Summer School along with a payment plan you can choose from. You have 14 business days to send this signed contract back to us as well as your down payment of 300 euros. Once these have been checked and registred, you will receive your contract copy and letter of admission, signed by us.

Q. What happens if I can’t pay the 300 euros down payment in time?

A. Your pre-registration and contract are automatically cancelled after 14 business days and the place is made available to the next person on the list. Due to the limited number of places on the program, we are unable to put any pre-registrations on hold. Sorry!

Q. What happens after the application procedure is completed?

A. You will be granted access to  on-line courses and french placement tests to prepare for the program.