What’s included?


Paris Summer School is a Social Work program offered by Ecole Pratique de Service Social (Applied Social Service Training School), in Paris, France. It is a unique pathway to understanding the issues facing society in France and Europe today and how French Social Workers deal with them.

The program blends formal and out-of-class cultural learning.


Paris Summer School aims to foster intellectual curiosity and prepare participants to work within a very multicultural and international society.

Through a targeted effort to increase awareness, Paris Summer School participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and respect the cultural differences of individuals and groups
  • Develop ethics, knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Understand the history of social work and its contemporary issues
  • Evaluate social work practice intervention in France within families, groups and communities
  • Contribute to making the world a better place through innovative social impact projects

The program is divided into multiple formats that include, but are not limited to, lectures, field visits, and professional placements.

  • Lectures are in-class, delivered in English by experienced teachers and social workers and may include guest presenters.
  • Field visits are delivered out of class, in English or translated from French into English.
  • Professional placements are carried out in a choice of fields and topics (depending on participant’s level and placement options) in French, with an English speaker on hand.
  • Individual or group study provides time to work on social impact projects
  • Weekly debrief sessions help analyze field and placement experience.

Students are introduced to French Culture through visits, social events and week-end trips.

All social program activities and accommodation are stated as included in your package are reflected in your paid tuition fee.

Dates: July 1st to July 24th 2019

Venue: 139 boulevard du Montparnasse 75006 Paris France


ALL fees include the following:

  • 3 day orientation tour (includes, rides, guided tours, museum fees) and welcome pack
  • Lectures and tuition by certified teachers
  • Field activities and visits
  • All social events
  • 2 cultural week-ends including transportation, hotels and breakfasts, with the exception of meals)
  • Lunch vouchers (from Monday July 1st  to Friday July 24th)
  • 1 month public transportation pass (buses, metros, regional trains) from July 1st to July 28th.
  • Accommodation in single or double standard rooms from June 30th (noon) to July 28th (noon)

The fees payable for the Summer School Program and accommodation do NOT include:

  • Transportation from the country of origin to Paris
  • Breakfast and dinners
  • Meals on week-ends

There is no separate fee for included social program activities or accommodation.  Should you be unable or unwilling to take part in any of the Summer School social program activities or use accommodation which is included in your fee, no refunds or reductions will be available. Fees and activities are non-transferrable to a third party.

Payment Plan

All fees must be paid in full before May 31st 2019. You will not be able to participate in the Summer School Program or take up accommodation if payment is not made in full at that date.

Your registration is considered approved only after reception of your DEPOSIT of 300 euros made within 14 days of the date of the contract

Cancellation policy

Date of Withdrawal Tuition Fee Refund
Less than 14 days after signature of contract Full refund of any fees paid by you, minus 300 € deposit
Before April 30th We will refund all fees paid by you, less the 300€ deposit.
After April 30th No refund will be made for any bookings.


You have a right to cancel your contract with us without giving any reason.

The cancellation period expires 14 days after the School accepts your down payment of 300 euros.

To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision  by a clear statement by sending an email to the International Coordinator (international[at]epss.fr)

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your request before the cancellation period has expired. Please see above for the cancellation fees which will apply to your Summer School booking.

Incomplete payment prior to the start of the program entitles us to cancel all relevant bookings. If you withdraw during the Summer School Program no refund will be made for any bookings.

If you exercise your right to cancel, we will reimburse you the relevant payment instalment minus the 300€ deposit.

If you cancel your contract with us, you will be reimbursed only payments which were made. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel the contract.

If you require a visa to participate in the Summer School Program it is your responsibility to obtain that correctly.  If you do not you will not be able to participate and no refund of any fees paid will be made.

Program Cancellation

We may cancel the Summer School Program and any accommodation bookings if we fail to recruit our anticipated minimum level of students to that program or if circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevent us from delivering it. We will, if we can, offer you a suitable alternative program and if we cannot do that, you will be sent a full refund of fees with the exception of any travel expenses you may have incurred if we do cancel in such circumstances.

Academic and teaching matters

We will endeavor to provide the Summer School Program as described on this website but changes may be made to the content or delivery if that is considered necessary by us acting reasonably.

The Summer School Program is taught in the English Language (English Program). You should therefore be proficient in English (English Program) and French and at least to the minimum standard we set in reference to the International English Language Testing System.  We have no responsibility to you if you are not sufficiently proficient and fail to participate fully in the program as a result.

If the Summer School Program provides academic credit(s) you will be advised of the assessment methodology that will be applicable and with which you need to comply to achieve credit(s).


Accommodation is as described in the catalogue but changes may be made if considered necessary. We will, if we can, offer you a equivalent alternative.

Accommodation bookings will commence the Saturday before the start of your course, and will end the Sunday after your course finishes. You will be able to check-in to your accommodation from 2 pm onwards on the Saturday of your arrival, and will be requested to check-out of your accommodation by 10.30 am on the Sunday of your departure.

Applicants are informed that rooms are not equipped with air-conditioning or elevators.

If you require accommodation to outlast this timeframe, the Summer School is not obliged to arrange this on your behalf.

Should any rooms to be found in an unacceptable condition at the time of departure, additional cleaning charges will be incurred.

Compliance with policies

You are required to comply with the rules and policies that we apply to all students. You will be subject to the sanctions set out in the rules and policies of the School.

You may be expelled immediately from the Summer School of Social Work Program and any accommodation booking without refund:

  • for violating any school/country policies or rules.
  • for violating rules regarding any kind of substance abuse (alcohol, drugs)
  • verbal or physical violence


We cannot accept responsibility, and expressly exclude liability for, loss or damage to students’ property including the transfer of computer viruses to student equipment. Students are advised to insure their property against such risks.

The School does not provide insurance for students. You are recommended to investigate insurance appropriate to you that covers your personal possessions, medical and repatriation expenses (if you are not covered in the France) and cancellation to cover any fees and travel costs.