Commited to building a better world


Ecole Pratique de Service Social is one of the oldest schools in Social Work in France. Our Alumni have distinguished themselves for the past century by their significant contributions to Social Work in France and in the world.


JULY 15, 2016

« As EPSS’s first International Summer School class, our goal was to immerse ourselves within local French services, issues and culture, while upholding the values, ethics and standards held by all Social Workers in the global community. 

Regardless of geography, religion, culture, or identity, we all have a moral obligation to respect and take care of one another. 

Through this international summer school experience, we have collectively recognized our duty to promote peace in our own countries as well as worldwide. Our aim in light of the current tragedy in Nice, is to bring awareness to international crises in an educated and sensitive manner, as well as promote critical thinking in regards to what we hear, read, see, and share. »


NOV. 13, 2015

Today, we stand united in the belief that democracy, education, freedom of thought and speech remain the best weapons against violence and obscurantism.

We are firmly convinced that the key to a better world lies in building bridges between people, not walls; that ideas, creativity and social progress are the cement of the future, not its downfall.

As Social Workers in a global society, we know how important it is to promote peace and understanding between communities, to foster diversity and social harmony.

At Ecole Pratique de Service Social, right here in Paris, we believe that Social Work, like hope, is truly without borders.

Oliver HUET,
Director of Ecole Pratique de Service Social

School presentation