Student testimonials


« The quality of the program is extraordinary. This program provided me with an excellent overview of social work in France, and the philosophy and policies that inform social work practice. Because it is an international program, it also provides opportunity to learn about social work, its philosophy, and social welfare policies in other countries through student sharing and interaction. The cultural activities and weekend trips add a whole other dimension of cultural understanding as well as complete pleasure. The lunch vouchers and transportation passes in addition to making this course financially accessible, also allow the student to experience the French system in ways that no amount of explaining can convey as effectively. The ability to interact with agencies provides first-hand knowledge, opportunity to network, and opportunity to practice the French language in a real-world environment. Every component is well-thought and contributes to an excellent overall experience. Meera is an absolutely delightful program director and created an amazing experience for the students. Her dedication and passion for social work, social justice, the students, the pursuit of knowledge and cultural understanding, and the EPSS are apparent in everything she does. This program is absolutely excellent and provides the student of any level (from baccalaureate students to seasoned professionals or social work faculty) a well rounded education about social work and life and culture in France. The cost is extremely reasonable for everything that is included and the excellent quality of the program. I recommend this program wholeheartedly to every social worker, social work student, or social work faculty who wants to expand his or her horizons and knowledge. Participating in this program has increased my understanding of social work and changed my perspective both academically and personally. »

James – Staten Island  (USA)


« EPSS provides a comfortable, friendly environment for social work students and professionals to learn about and explore Paris, France. The lectures, walking tours, field visits and weekend excursions make the learning environment a unique and grand experience. I would recommend this program to any individual pursing a social work degree or to any social work professional that desires to be immersed in the French culture for continuing education. I believe there is no other way to become culturally competent or knowledgable in a culture without immersing yourself and humbly learning the different values and ways of life. »

Marissa – Greensboro (USA)

« After having spent the last four years in a classroom learning about Social Work practices and policies, I signed up for EPSS’s International Summer School program as a way to put my textbook knowledge to practice in a new environment. The combination of lecture content, agency visits, and daily adventures made for a ridiculously valuable professional experience, while also being an excellent way to experience all the beauty and culture that Paris in the summertime has to offer! »

« The summer school has given me a deeper understanding, and perspective on the issues that marginalised groups confront on a daily basis in France. It has allowed me to compare my own practice, and understanding of issues in the UK, to those that social workers have to work with in France. »

Tim – Wales (UK)